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Expand to Freedom with Kim was born from wanting to be a better leader for my team in Direct Sales. I found a Passion for coaching and discovery, to empower personal development, which from personal experience is key to great success. OH the FREEDOM to see a clear path! I’m now a full time coach using tools I have learned, 30 years of business experience and a love for empowering people.

What I have discovered along this journey is that we are usually standing in our own way because we are unable to recognizing our true potential. When we are able to see our potential and use it for the purposes in was intended then we are powerful beyond measure.

What is coaching all about and what can it do for you?

Having your own personal coach is knowing you have someone to listen to you who is understanding, accepting, supportive and patient.  A coach offers a conversation and tools to gain awareness, clarity and direction which help you move past blocks; toward expanding your thoughts to gain what you are wanting. Coaching/conversations assist you in getting to where you want to go sooner than later.

If you are not happy about ANY area of your life, a conversation with a coach has the ability help you if you want change. We all have friends who want to give us advice however you have the answers already, you just may not be aware of them.

Things to consider….
Are you on auto pilot? Are your relationships working well? Are you hiding from your dreams? Are you living your best life? Are you 100% satisfied with your life right now? Re: your health, relationships, prosperity, business, career, family.  What do you want that you’re not getting right now?

To Work with me……

         Discovery conversation with every client – your story is what I want to hear. We set up a time to do an over the phone conversation, you share with me and then we decide where to go next.  There is no obligation.  My goal is to build a relationship with you, to either work together now or in the future. Let me know your ready “Contact Me”


         Personal coaching $60.00 a sessions - including my Private Client Access area.  Coaching/conversations are weekly or monthly – 45 minutes at a set day and time over the phone.

         Group coaching with 6 or more of your Friends or Team members – This can be a monthly call or weekly calls designed to create an Inner Circle - $10.00 per call per person, 6 person minimum.  Let’s talk about the type of circle you would like to have with your own personal coach, then I will design something special for your group.


Topics you may want to discuss in coaching…

Life balance, prosperity, any family challenges, relationships, health challenges, career, personal development, your vision, your purpose, self care, fears or anything standing in your way. Your Party Plan/direct sales business.

My Mission is…..

To take your hand and explore anything and everything that is blocking you from discovering how you can live your best life, be your best you and own your own freedom.

Contact me for more information at: expandtofreedom@gmail.com

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It is an honor to join you in your journey of awareness,
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