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Before coaching with Kim, I was floundering. Not really knowing or feeling where my life was going. I was going in so many different directions and I didn't have a focus.

Today, I'm back on track, going for Director in Mary Kay again. My datebook is full of Mary Kay appointments, events, and skin care classes. Kim has a great ability to help you sort out your life's clutter. She helped me line up my priorities. Kim listens without being judgmental. Thanks Kim.

Cheryl B.
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What your coaching has done for me: when we started coaching, I didn't know what to expect at all. I have experienced quite a number of changes thanks to your support. What brought us together was my business and, since we started our coaching relationship, my team (and my bonus checks) has tripled in size. I use a lot of the tools and exercises we work on together with my own team. They've started teams of their own now - what a gift to watch them grow and develop as leaders in their own right. A crucial aspect to mention is how your coaching impacts so many other areas of my life - beyond my business I've become a more effective leader, a better businesswoman, a more confident and powerful woman. My relationships are stronger because I fully know and accept who I am and what I am about. Since starting coaching with you, I've found that my growth inevitably translates to greater performance in my full time career. I've been promoted twice since I starting coaching with you - in fact, my boss specifically cited skills and abilities I've developed as a result of our coaching time together!

What I appreciate most: that you meet me wherever I am in my process, whatever is going on in my journey, you are there with me. There is simply no judgment, no need to be anything other than honest. It allows me to be real with you and get to the center of what I need to do to be fully authentic. As a result, I've made much greater progress than I could have imagined.

Dr. Michelle C.


I recognized what I didn’t know to reach Success.

It must have been meant to be because Kim was part of my upline in our Party Plan Company and I heard she offered free coaching to her team. I remember the day I decided to ask her if she would coach me. I was very scared and not sure what to expect but called her anyway. Now this is something I never would have done because it is hard to me to open up and feel vulnerable. I had realized to reach the success I wanted something in me needed to change and I wanted Success. I also was hoping it would help me in other areas of my life.

When I started coaching I was afraid and not sure what to expect. I was unsure of where it was going to take me but I just knew that I wanted some change in my life and in the way I felt about myself. I wanted to know the true way to love, honor and believe in myself. I didn't realize at the time that my thoughts were very negative thoughts and I let others influence my beliefs.

After coaching for almost 2 years now I can look at myself and say “I love you.” That took a lot. I also reached the level of Executive Director and as just a Mom before that, it was fantastic for me. I have overcome so many things. I never imagined I would ever meet someone that I was 120% comfortable talking to and could express my truest and deepest thoughts. Now I’m able to recognize my feelings and thoughts. I know what makes me happy and I know how to overcome things that I do not want in my life. I am now able to honor and respect myself everyday. I’ve learned that I have power and choices over my life. I now have some price less tools to be a better Mom, wife, run my own business and be MY OWN BEST FRIEND.

With So much Love I could never repay you for all you have walked me though.

Eileen H.


Before Coaching with Kim, I was in a place where I needed to take my business seriously. I decided to quit my full time job to stay home with my new born baby. I had been doing my business of several years and was not seeing the success I was wishing for. I was fearful to take this leap from having a nice paycheck every two weeks to relying on my business for an income. I didn't have much belief in myself, my inner thoughts were harsh. I was also comparing myself to what others were doing, and what I wasn't doing. I had some tools but I wasn't sure how to put them to action.

Today, I’m so grateful for Kim's coaching. I have gained self -confidence, self-worth, and a new belief in myself. I know that I can do anything! I have the tools to keep myself talk and self thinking in check. I now have a thriving business. I went from 4-6 parties per month to 30 parties per month that I share with my thriving team. I went from sponsoring few new team members a year to 15 per year. I have also become a mentor and I’m learning skills to coach my team. The best of all, I am reaching my goals, not comparing myself to others, having fun, and I am enjoying my life staying home with my children.

I’m looking forward to my journey in life. I have a supportive loving family and team. I am an amazing business woman. I live my purpose while I make an amazing income. I am enjoying my life, while doing things that I love to do. I recommend Coaching with Kim.

Michelle O.
Executive Director


I have great appreciation and admiration for Kim’s coaching skills. She has a fine- tuned intuition and guided me into the answers I have been looking for. Since meeting Kim I have a greater self awareness and self love. My relationships with my family and intimate relationship with my husband has improved drastically. Kim has taught me how to discover what I am really looking for- my true goals- not what others expect of me and given me courage to go after them. She has also worked with me to give me tools to change my long engrained beliefs from childhood into something more loving, forgiving and self nurturing. She truly lifts my spirit and gives me more strength after each call. She has taught me to live from a place of gratitude. I have learned that every reaction to a situation is my choice. This has given me empowerment in my day to day life and feels very freeing.

Valerie F.
Northern Ca

It is an honor to join you in your journey of awareness,
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