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Personal Freedom Guided Journal

“What we think determines what happens to us, so if we want to change our lives,

we need to stretch our minds.” ~ Wayne Dyer


Do you feel like you are striving but not getting where you want to go?

Are you taking care of everyone around you and not taking care of your business?

Are you just surviving your life?

Are things piling up creating feelings of being overwhelmed, frustrated, and guilt?


I felt that way many years ago and found a way to freedom and success.

My truth was my inner person didn’t match my outer person.

I looked like I had it together but inside, everyday was a struggle.

I spent more time and money on my outer self than my inner self until I couldn’t live with my perceived out come . . . so I started learning and now I would like to share with you.

I have created a guided journal (a daily walk) with many of the tools inside that I used to reach freedom and success.

 You may be thinking, you don’t have another minute to spare right now or now may not be the right time for something new.  The truth is 90% of our behavior is a habit. WOW, 90%  

From the time we get up in the morning until the time we fall into bed, there are hundreds of things we do the same way every day. Shower, makeup/shave, eat breakfast, brush your teeth, get the family ready, conversations, cleaning your house, shopping, foods, what you think about, hundreds of the same activities the same every day. Those habits determine how well all the other areas work in your life, from your relationships to your health, to well being, and your income.

We operate on auto pilot going through the motions of actions and auto thoughts. We become locked into unconscious self-defeating behavior that defeat our growth and limit our success, even though we want more from our life. Our habits determine our outcome.

I decided I didn’t like the outcome of my life, so I started new habits.

The first, I realized happiness was my choice. Next, if I wanted to change my results I must change my thinking.  My habit of thoughts was honestly really bad, like the things I said to myself I would never say to my own children.  I started with affirmations, new thoughts, a few everyday over and over.  Did I believe what I was saying, No! but I believed in the concept and had to try it.

Where did I find the time? It was important enough to me so I decided if I wanted change I had to do something about it and I made it a priority.  I had to stand up in my own personal power and not end up like the bag lady I had created in my head. The person I thought I would end up as.  

The next thing I started was writing in a journal.  In the beginning all I wrote was what was happening that day, usually complaining about what was wrong. Makes me laugh now to think about how far I have come. Then I started writing affirmations and my feelings about topics and myself. Then I added things I was grateful for and now most all my journal writing is positive.

Then I added dreams, imaginations, and visuals of what I wanted.

So many wonderful tools that helped me go from a “Bag Lady” mentality to a “Million-Dollar-Amazing” team, making more money than I had ever imagined. My well being, attitude, prosperity, health, and relationships truly have magnified  because of the NEW habits I incorporated into my life. 

Many of the tools I share with you, in a guided journey I call “Personal Freedom,” and developed into a program.  It is a 35-day guided program with daily steps because it takes doing something for at least 30 days in a row to become a new habit. It will require 10-20 minutes a day.

What are you willing to give up to get what you want?

If you decide to take this journey with me, your guide will come to you every day in an email, you will want to set aside time to do the tasks of writing in your journal and incorporating new thoughts into your thinking.

The investment is your time, commitment, and a one time fee of $25.00 without coaching or $65.00 with coaching and/or sharing during your 35 days with an appointment. 

Personal Freedom Journal

The benefits are a lifetime of life changing habits with joyful results!

Breathe and Let It GO!

Breathe and Let it Go!

Truly it’s amazing just how much we hold onto in our thoughts, beliefs and emotions. We hold tight to the things we feel are RIGHT. We hold to our OLD stories of times we observed….. Like; people who have hurt us physically and emotionally, hurtful word(s) or actions of others, choices we view as mistakes, or stories others have told us about their interpretation of what happened, things or people we have lost, people we can’t forgive, people who have wronged us . . . Can you think of any?

I have spent many, many years working through this OLD junk in my trunk or stinkin’ thinkin’, as I like to call it. This thinking brings no Joy, no peace, no well-being and so I decided to just let it ALL go. Flush It, Forgive it and move forward. FEELS so GOOD!! Lighter! FREEDOM!

Unfortunately, this Stuff comes back depending on what is happening at the present moment. Ugh

So to keep Letting it GO, I Breathe, and imagine letting it all go through meditation. It is by far the healthiest thing to do. Even though what we eat and drink plays a HUGE ROLL in our health, our emotional state is even more impactful to our health. There are many ways to let things go, exercise, practice Yoga, receive a massage, consume alcohol (LOL, that is very temporary without really working), watch TV, or play video games (that is really avoiding, sorry doesn’t count), and I’m’ sure you are thinking of other ways!

Taking the time each day to let things go is a challenge. I find myself resisting and coming up with all sorts o2013-07-08 05.56.38f other things to do. However, WHO is in control here? ME!! And I want to live my best life. Our levels of emotions affect, our sleep, our immune system, our mood, work and relationships, and our well-being.

So here is what I do to ensure I have No excuses. I have created a space for mediation; it is my intended space with all the things I want around me. It is quiet, it is dark other than the light coming from my diffuser, and it is warm and peaceful. I use Young Living Essential oils because they help to open and clear my thoughts, they are relaxing and benefit my health as I breathe them in. They also provide an easy reason to breathe in deeply. I start with my diffuser; it usually has a Young Living essential oil in it, I deeply inhale and apply Release essential oil blend, then Awaken (another blend), then Envision blend and then I get into a comfortable position; continue to breathe deeply, letting go of any thoughts, while imagining letting go of all that does not serve me and releasing it back to who it belongs to. It takes practice and in time is much easier but so worth the time and effort.
You can use any Essential oils you want. You can also use guided meditations, which I still do sometimes. The point is, to Just do it ….Let Go of all that doesn’t serve you and let in all that does!

For more information about Young Living Essential oils go to

{Wellness} Welcome to Wellness

We hold the power of our health and wellness in our hand.  How do you see your Wellness?

Wellness is within us in many forms, thoughts, intake of food, daily habits, personal environment, prosperity, our beliefs and what we hold dear to us.

I’m looking forward to exploring aspects of Wellness here with you.  What does Wellness mean to you?

wellness_wheel3-trIn what areas do want to strengthen your Wellness?