Money does grow on trees after all!

I was driving through the beautiful Kentucky back roads yesterday, driving in silence observing the view.  I love to just appreciate everything I see and Oh it was just absolutely beautiful.   All the green colors, lush green grasses, trees, butterflies, county farms, barns, front pouch swings, cows, rock walls and fences, farmers on tractors, the sky, the clouds it was just heaven for me.   

As I appreciated I thought about the belief “What we think about is what we create” so if, I continued appreciating all of this, I would see more!  Then I thought…. How can  I  incorporate more of what I want to allow in my world, to appreciate with my imagination?  And it came to me I could imagine all of these beautiful trees with money on them.  WOW how fun is that?!  The thought made me smile!

Wouldn’t it be nice to just see abundance on every tree and know there is enough? Every leaf would represent a bill of ones, fives, tens or twenties even a $100.00 bills!   It would create a life of eases rather than struggle.   The thing is…. How we feel is what allows or disallows.  SO if imagining all the leaves on the trees as money and basking in the thought there is enough,  feeling how abundant and freeing that feels, would be allowing. What happens after that is your imagination….Create a vision for yourself!

 Allowing feels better and Opens the door to more. Is it true? ….No it not however, it is about allowing or disallowing2012-11-06 07.01.32

The extraordinary thing is!!  I have been offered money 3 times since and it hasn’t been 24 hours!  I am grateful for my imagination, my wiliness to create, dream and discover freedom in new ways.

I invite you to explore your imagination; it’s where miracles and magic happens! We are creators!

Joyfully With love, Kim Echols


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