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Breathe and Let It GO!

Breathe and Let it Go!

Truly it’s amazing just how much we hold onto in our thoughts, beliefs and emotions. We hold tight to the things we feel are RIGHT. We hold to our OLD stories of times we observed….. Like; people who have hurt us physically and emotionally, hurtful word(s) or actions of others, choices we view as mistakes, or stories others have told us about their interpretation of what happened, things or people we have lost, people we can’t forgive, people who have wronged us . . . Can you think of any?

I have spent many, many years working through this OLD junk in my trunk or stinkin’ thinkin’, as I like to call it. This thinking brings no Joy, no peace, no well-being and so I decided to just let it ALL go. Flush It, Forgive it and move forward. FEELS so GOOD!! Lighter! FREEDOM!

Unfortunately, this Stuff comes back depending on what is happening at the present moment. Ugh

So to keep Letting it GO, I Breathe, and imagine letting it all go through meditation. It is by far the healthiest thing to do. Even though what we eat and drink plays a HUGE ROLL in our health, our emotional state is even more impactful to our health. There are many ways to let things go, exercise, practice Yoga, receive a massage, consume alcohol (LOL, that is very temporary without really working), watch TV, or play video games (that is really avoiding, sorry doesn’t count), and I’m’ sure you are thinking of other ways!

Taking the time each day to let things go is a challenge. I find myself resisting and coming up with all sorts o2013-07-08 05.56.38f other things to do. However, WHO is in control here? ME!! And I want to live my best life. Our levels of emotions affect, our sleep, our immune system, our mood, work and relationships, and our well-being.

So here is what I do to ensure I have No excuses. I have created a space for mediation; it is my intended space with all the things I want around me. It is quiet, it is dark other than the light coming from my diffuser, and it is warm and peaceful. I use Young Living Essential oils because they help to open and clear my thoughts, they are relaxing and benefit my health as I breathe them in. They also provide an easy reason to breathe in deeply. I start with my diffuser; it usually has a Young Living essential oil in it, I deeply inhale and apply Release essential oil blend, then Awaken (another blend), then Envision blend and then I get into a comfortable position; continue to breathe deeply, letting go of any thoughts, while imagining letting go of all that does not serve me and releasing it back to who it belongs to. It takes practice and in time is much easier but so worth the time and effort.
You can use any Essential oils you want. You can also use guided meditations, which I still do sometimes. The point is, to Just do it ….Let Go of all that doesn’t serve you and let in all that does!

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