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{Your Life} Simple Ways to Relieve Stress


 1. Focus on what you can change

Every problem or challenge is an opportunity to learn from. What could be a solution? What could be a positive aspect? What are the possibilities for change? What can ease the stress of this situation? Look for a new story in a new light.

2. Discover a relaxation method that works for you

Practicing a form of relaxation will greatly improve the quality of your life. Using your breath is free and easy. Breathe in 123, breathe out 123 continue until you feel relief. Use your breath to release any stressful thoughts you want to let go of by blowing the thought away from you. Imagine your stress leaving as you let go of your breath.

3. Live in the present moment

When you feel stressful, are you living in the past or the future?  It’s good to ask yourself. The present moment is the only moment we truly live in. Practice living in the present moment.

4. Talk it out

Are those you usually talk to, helping you to feel better? What is this stress really about? Consider talking to someone who is neutral on the topic and is helpful in a positive solution. It is best to gain awareness and understanding about the things you feel stressful about so you can move forward. You will find many answers you seek are within you already, trust in yourself. There is always a solution.

5. Be good to yourself

Caring for you is your responsibility, body, soul and mind, let us know when we are not paying attention. Are you hearing what your body is saying? What you think and believe about you affects every area of your life. You may find freedom in yourself.

We are meant to seek our truth. We are meant to be happy. We are meant to be abundant. If you are feeling stress, you have the power to change it.  ~ Kim Echols