Are you Worried?


What are you’re greatest worries today?

It’s good to identify what is worrying you and write

it all on paper because that gives you an opportunity

to gain greater clarity.

 Make a list of all your worries.

Once you have made your complete list, what would be a solution to each worry?

 Take one worry at a time and ask yourself what needs to change to make this worry better? What can I change about me to make this worry better? What do I want? Why do I want it? And How will I feel when I have what I want?

 If you will take the time to work through your worries to gain clarity and direction those worries will change into powerful solutions and allow you to move forward. Then your load is lighter, your path is clearer, and freedom within reached. You are taking personal responsibility for your life. Worrying is a learned behavior and one that does not serve us. When we see a clear path with a solution the need to worry is gone. We can then focus on action.

We are suppose to enjoy our life, worries don’t bring joy so consider a practice of solution and move toward your freedom.

 I’m doing this today! ~Kim Echols

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