About Kim

Kim Echols

What I Believe?

  • I believe even though life circumstances can sometimes make us feel unprotected, unimportant and unworthy, we can create new habits and new thoughts to become more than we could ever imagine.
  • I believe every challenge is an opportunity.
  • I believe we are meant to feel good, enjoy our life and feel a sense of freedom.
  • I believe it is unimportant for me to be right.
  • I believe we were born with self-love; we usually lose it along the way and then find it again – as our greatest gift.
  • I believe we cannot be unhappy and grateful at the same time.
  • I believe when we change the way we look at things our life begins to change powerfully.
  • I believe that my purpose is to serve you. I want to hold your hand, to believe in you and to give you the tools and insights to enrich the balance of your life sooner than later.

Please continue reading as I open my heart to share my story with you.

Gratefully, I Am Coachable

Life is a continuous, unfolding journey of becoming who we are meant to be. Gratefully I’m not there yet, or it would be the end!

The events of my life have led me to where I am right now, just as your life has led you to be on this page searching for answers. Has our life been easy? No, it has not; however, I have found freedom because of the journey of my life.

Many times I have found myself feeling unprotected, abandoned, unimportant, small, resentful, and afraid. I have faced many walls that I didn’t know how to get around or over. I still hit those same walls now and then. Gratefully, I am coachable, and I have learned from the most amazing teachers, how to get out of my own way and how to stop being a victim barely surviving, to feeling loved, safe, and so many other secure and delightful feelings.

I experienced abandonment, physical abuse, and great struggles as a young child which led to an unhappy young adult. My thoughts were angry, fearful, and confused. I kept my abuse and pain to myself.

On the outside, I looked like I had it together, but on the inside, I struggled every single day. My inner person did not match my outer person. Even though I was in emotional pain, I was drawn to be an entrepreneur. My first experience was at ten years old selling boxed cards.  At 20 I started a business with a partner, moving from one experience to another, some employed and most of it self-employed wondering why it was so hard to be successful.

At that time in my life, I secretly believed I would be that woman pushing the shopping cart with all of her belongings in it. I had a “bag-lady” mentality.  Whenever I saw a homeless woman, pushing a shopping cart, I would say to myself, “there I go.”  I felt paralyzed with pain and fear from my stories and the habits I developed from experiences. I felt hopeless inside believing life would be hopeless as well.

When I became a Mom, I started searching for answers. Life began to get better as many books and positive women influenced my life. About 25 years ago I began to hear about and practice a new way of thinking, and it began to work, my thoughts started changing, and I started changing, my life started changing. I learned to let go of the past, the stories, the pain… I started forgiving and realizing all these bad experiences were my teachers. Then I began to see success.

In the process, I was inspired to take a course from “Quantum Success Coaching” to become a better coach for my direct sales team. I could see women struggling as they were striving for success because of their past beliefs. Also, at that time my team was striving to reach a Million Dollars in Team Sales and they did reach our goal that year and again two more years. My passion was born from assisting women as a servant leader.

Now, as I turn and look back, I can see the bread crumbs that were dropped for me along each of the paths that were to guide me on my journey. I have no regrets or resentments. I am full of gratitude and love for ALL my teachers including my amazing children, who were put in my life to show me what I needed, and wanted to know so that I could become my best me. I’m open and excited, filled with great anticipation for what lies ahead . . . for what’s next!

Can you get there on your own? YES, you can! However, working together will speed up the process because I have been trained to assist you.

Your story is what I want to hear. Would you be willing to share with me and begin your journey of healing and emerging as your best you? Are you ready to claim your personal freedom?