Wouldn’t it be nice to say, “YES!”


  Saying YES to new things allows newness to be part of your everyday life. #sayyestonewthings “Yes, I want that!” Even if you can’t have it right now or can’t really imagine ever having it.

Wouldn’t it be nice to say, “YES!”2019-04-29T16:46:59+00:00

What do you stand for?


Knowing what you stand for, what’s most important to you, what you value is a defining factor. Knowing your Core Values will always assist you when you face challenges, hard choices and take actions. It’s

What do you stand for?2019-04-29T16:55:38+00:00

Your Powerful Tool


Do you remember watching animated movies growing up? They were magical at the time, entertaining and fun. Most of us loved them and looked forward to watching. They sparked our imagination with possibilities of love,

Your Powerful Tool2019-04-10T22:21:32+00:00

What is an Affirmation?


What we say to ourselves is a collection of word, habits of words and meanings that either serve us or they don’t serve. The words that don’t serve us are words and thoughts we have

What is an Affirmation?2019-04-10T15:53:49+00:00

Drink of Choice


What did you drink most, when you were growing up? I remember Kool-aid, milk (I didn’t really like it and still don’t), sweet tea (there was always sweet tea around), and soda (which was an

Drink of Choice2019-04-09T20:27:07+00:00
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