Empowered Water

Without water, nothing lives

Our bodies cannot function at 100% without being fully hydrated. Lack of water causes dehydration, which causes a multitude of body disfunction.

Water is the “cash flow” of the body.  Water helps to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.  Water restores normal sleep rhythms.

 Tea, coffee, alcohol, and manufactured beverages cannot replace water because most contain dehydrating substances that cause more dehydration.

46 reasons your body needs water every day and more in “Water: For Health, for Healing, for Life: You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty!” by F. Batmanghelidj, M.D.

Not all water is created Equal….

The water you may currently be drinking.

Tap water – contains neurotoxins and carcinogens

Bottled water – leeches’ hormone-disrupting chemicals and massively contributes to the plastic pollution on the planet.

RO or Distilled water – Purifies from contaminants, but also strips the water of the minerals our bodies need. This leaves us with dead demineralized water.

My water is Kangen water

The Kangen Water Difference…

Kangen water is electrolyzed-reduced, hydrogen-rich, living, structured water.

Kangen water properties:

  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Micro-clustered/Structured
  • Rich in active molecular hydrogen
  • Negative ORP (Oxidative Reduction Potential)

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It supports your immune system

Kangen water is hydrogen-rich, which means it has a high concentration of Molecular Hydrogen (H2). Molecular Hydrogen acts as an efficient antioxidant that diffuses rapidly across cell membranes and can reduce free radicals, suppressing oxidative stress

That is the scientific way of saying that through the molecular hydrogen in Kangen water it strengthens and protects your system on a cellular level. That’s about as deep as protection can go! You want this water as your internal defense team, trust me!

It hydrates you more efficiently

Did you know there is something called chronic dehydration? Not only is it a real thing, but you would also be surprised how many people around you actually suffer from it and don’t even know it. Crippling headaches, lethargy and fatigue, muscle weakness, and inability to focus are all just a few of the signs and symptoms of chronic dehydration. Yet, these symptoms are sometimes mistaken for something deeper, but the answer is oftentimes right in front of us.

Due to the ‘micro-clustered’ properties of the water, Kangen water is able to penetrate into the aquaporin of your cells up to 6 times more efficiently, properly hydrating your cells so much faster and easier than regular tap, bottled, or filtered water.

It SAVES you money AND it saves the planet

As a culture, we have traveled so far down the path of single-use plastic water bottles. We have chosen to prioritize convenience, ease of use, quick access, and availability. But trends are changing. The knowledge is out there, and we are all becoming more aware of the reality of what those water bottles are really made of, leaching toxins into our water and in turn, into our bodies, and of course the damage they are causing when they fill our planet

Not to mention the long-term costs accumulated by buying a daily bottle of water or two. Those few dollars add up and soon you’re spending over $50,000 on bottled water alone in 30 years.

The answer to these problems…you guessed it! Kangen Water. It is a small up-front investment in comparison, that pays itself off almost immediately. Not only will you save yourself the money on single-use water bottles and save our environment in one fell swoop, but you will also have the healthiest and most nutrient-packed water at your fingertips.

There is more to Kangen water than just drinking, which is also why you will be SAVING money!

THESE 3 REASONS don’t even scratch the surface of how incredible and necessary this water is in your daily life.

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Types of Water

Drinking alkalized water (rich in alkaline minerals already present in the water, WITHOUT any additives) is extremely beneficial

But what’s even more beneficial is that it’s also micro-clustered for ultimate hydration…

As well as being hydrogen-rich

(molecular hydrogen is the most powerful antioxidant in the world and is so small that it can actually penetrate deep into the cells where other types of antioxidants cannot). To put it into perspective, Kangen water contains 30x more antioxidants than green tea! WOW


HOWEVER, you haven’t heard about all the other amazing things about this machine, or all of the other uses (other than drinking) that it can be used for.

So, I’m going to break down a few of those now.

There are 5 types of water

💦 Drinking water (8.5-9.5pH)

💦 Clean water (7.0pH – neutral)

💦 Beauty water (6.0pH – slightly acidic)

💦 Strong alkalized water (11.5pH)

💦 Strong acidic water (2.5. we actually create hypochlorous acid with our machine! It’s pretty crazy that we can do that considering how useful that stuff can be)!

There is a myriad of ways to use all of these types of waters! Here are some of my favorites!


💦 Hot bath soak (Never mind paying an arm and a leg for magnesium flakes constantly, this stuff replaces that completely)

💦 Hangovers and migraines (it is so micro-clustered that it has been referred to as being equivalent to putting an IV of fluids in your arm. Large amounts of it aren’t meant to be consumed but if you had a couple of glasses of wine too many… take a shot of this stuff and it really helps).

💦 Fruit & Veggie soak (again, it is so micro-clustered that it’s actually able to pull oil-based pesticide residues that your tap or non-structured water wouldn’t wash off. Even organic produce from a store has nasty stuff on it so if you aren’t eating solely from your own garden, this stuff is a must).

💦 Laundry & dishwasher “detergent”- MY FAVORITE USE! Yep! 11.5 is so micro-clustered that it cuts grease, dirt, and grime. It’s used as a degreaser actually and it washes (and ACTUALLY cleans) your clothes really well! You don’t fill the whole washing machine with it, you just need a couple of quarts of 11.5 in with the rest of the water. And saying it really works is coming from someone that has tried TONS of other “natural” toxin-free laundry soaps/detergents without any luck.

💦 Unclogging sinks and bathtubs and cleaning the oven!


💦 Alkalized

💦 Ionized

💦 Micro-clustered

💦 Hydrogen-rich

💦 Antioxidizing

💦 Cellular repair


💦 Use if/when making baby formula

💦 Drink this when taking time-released medication


💦 Hair conditioner (spray hair after showering as a leave-in conditioner)

💦 Skin toner (match the pH of your skin to tone and firm it)

💦 Garden use (can revive dying plants and help healthy plants thrive)

💦 Replace Windex (and all mirror cleaners)


*(This is exactly what makes this machine LICENSED MEDICAL GRADE and precisely why they use these machines in Japanese hospitals to sterilize surgical equipment) *

💦 Disinfecting (strong acidic water forms hypochlorous acid which is a very effective toxin-free disinfecting agent against bacteria and even viruses)

💦 Gargle for periodontal disease (ask me for before and afters of this! It’s incredible!)

💦 Wound care (kills bacteria and pathogens and helps stop bleeding)

💦 Kills garden funguses & pests

I have replaced so many products and saved so much money, all the while creating a toxin-free home!

This machine is so much more than just the healthiest drinking water.

It means making a greater impact on our planet by reducing plastic waste and toxic chemicals!

I’m not just talking about plastic water bottles either. Imagine the amount of plastic you would save if you never had to buy laundry detergent again! All-purpose cleaner! Conditioner for your hair! Toner for your skin!

I am so GRATEFUL I invested in one of these incredible machines because I am worth it.

I am so grateful someone shared this with me!

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Kim Echols