Welcome to your
Personal Freedom
35-day Guided Journal

            “Your real self may be hiding somewhere, look for it within, when you find yourself, you can freely be what you want to be.
                                                                               — Michael Bassey Johnson

Celebrate this Journey!

This guide has been designed to assist you in gaining new awareness, increased self-confidence, new tools, and personal freedom. It is based on the premise that your inner world creates your outer world. The more you concentrate on changing your inner reality, the faster you will see new results in your outer reality. We are people of habits, so it is imperative you participate in a “daily” routine. It takes at least 30 days of doing something new to create a new habit, and why it’s so important, you don’t miss a day.

Be easy on yourself and do your best. Our mind (ego) does not like change, and this may be about change for you. Your ego may tell you that it does not like this journey or that it won’t work for you, or that you don’t have time to do this. Don’t listen!! Choose to control your thoughts. Simply say “Thank you for sharing” and do your daily process. Give yourself this gift because you are worthy of it. Each day you will receive this guide to follow with new thoughts and things to consider, questions to write about in your journal, focused gratitude and time spent visualizing your desires. This guide will help you strengthen your inner self to live a more purposeful life with greater personal freedom. Change is up to you; I trust you will embrace this journey.

It will surprise and delight you!

Day 1

An affirmation is a positive sentence or thoughts that when repeated several times a day can help to change the way we think. The direct definition for affirmation is a positive declaration; something declared to be true, a positive statement or judgment. Learn more here

1. Affirmation for the day:  All is Well

It seemed strange when I started saying affirmations, but I realized that it helped me to start saying new things to myself, it gave me a new perspective and helped me to let go of my old ways of thinking.
I use this affirmation when I feel fear to remind myself all is well.  We are always okay, maybe not as well as we want to be but we are really okay.  Saying “All is Well” makes me feel better, and I use it a lot. It’s a powerful habit of thought to reach for.

2. Your Life Map is what you will create first in your journal. You may want to use a larger piece of paper and fold it in your journal. Write the date then, in the middle of your paper draw a circle about the size of a quarter and write “Me.” This represents You in the center of your life. Then draw lines to represent all areas in your life starting from the circle in the middle, to the middle of your page. Write above the line what it represents. (Example Family, Children, Home, your Job or business (all if more than one), Self-care, Friends, Hobbies, Spiritual)

The photo below will provide you with an idea of how yours may look. Have fun and be creative with this vision of what is current in your life.

Then continue with each area with more line to define details.

Under Family: List children’s names or people you live with you consider family. Above their name, you could list special things you do with them.

Under Business or Job: Aspects of your business, things you are currently working on. Use the back if you need more room.

Under Home: You could list projects, or animals or any details that come to your mind. Maybe cooking, sewing, or reading.

Under Partner: Rather than writing partner I would write their name and things you want to do. Like, plan a vacation, date night, game night, better communication.

Under Self-Care: Like Gym, Health, Emotional Health, Spiritual growth. Whatever your current self-care is. Later you can write what you want to change.

Under Friends: Write who you spend time with.

Under Fun: What are you currently doing that is fun for you.

This gives you a visual and perspective of your life, what is happening, where you spend your time and what needs more time.

I like to do this about every 6 months and keep it posted in my work area or in my journal. It keeps me on track when my focus is interrupted with unexpected challenges.

You may want to continue to work on this as we go through this guide and you will refer to it.

You may also want to make another one of where you would like to be in a year.

3. I am grateful for ___________. (write what come to your mind)

4. Start to notice the things you say to yourself and others. Become aware of your thoughts, your self-talk and your response to others.

That is it for Day 1!
More time than usual today.
I appreciate being on this journey with you.

If you have any questions text me, call me or email me. If you feel you are not ready to take this journey and want to wait, please let me know.

I am honored and excited to be part of your journey.

Joyfully with Love,
Kim Echols
Your Personal Coach