Day 2


1. Affirmation for the day:    I am inspired!

Practice saying this many times today even if you don’t feel inspired. Notice how you feel when you say it.

2. Journal your thoughts on: Today write a letter to yourself. Start with Dear………….,

Write your thoughts about where your life is, where you would like to be or whatever you would like to say to you.  

3.  I am grateful for:   (write what comes to mind 5 or more is best)

Learn more about Gratitude

4.  Focused Thought –  Each day for the next 34 days, you will be reminded to spend 68 seconds on a focused though.  I will give you more detail tomorrow. Today think about something very specific you want to focus on.  It can be an object like butterflies, quarters, or a pink purse.  This will be an experiment in the power of your focused thoughts, so it should be something simple you can focus on each day.  Choose the object you want to think about so you will be ready to get started tomorrow.  

5. Quote or thought to consider:  “Everything is unfolding as it is supposed to.” Living in the present moment more than living in the past or the future will bring you the most happiness. Trust the process of life. Everything you want is coming to you.

I am honored and excited to be part of your journey.

Joyfully with Love,
Kim Echols
Your Personal Coach