Saying YES to new things allows newness to be part of your everyday life. #sayyestonewthings

“Yes, I want that!” Even if you can’t have it right now or can’t really imagine ever having it. Practice saying “YES” to all things you see you like, feel you like, want, or desire. It’s fun!

Most of the time we think in terms of, “no.”  Thinking this such as; I will never have that. I’m not the kind of person who gets that. No, I can’t afford it. No, I don’t deserve it. No one loves me. That will never be mine. I don’t have enough money. No, I will never get that lucky. No, No, NO is what we have been told and what our belief becomes. A belief is a thought we keep thinking.

How does that serve us? It creates a lack of creativeness and imagination. Using the word, “no” ends everything. Start to notice what you think about and say to yourself. How many times a day do you say, “NO” to yourself? Our past has taught us NO… are we living in the past or are we creating our future by living in the now of “YES.”

Start today by saying, “YES!” and embracing new beliefs and new ways of thinking that are not limiting. Change is possible when we choose new thoughts.  Newness keeps us flexible, open, fresh, and happy. Practice allowing yes into your life and your everyday thoughts. Allow your future to be full of all you desire while creating happiness today. Do this by embracing the powerful word of, “YES!”