• Focus on what you can change
  • Discover a relaxation method that works for you
  • Live in the present moment
  • Talk it out
  • Be good to yourself

Focus on what you can change:

Every problem or challenge is an opportunity to learn something you want and need to know. Looking for a solution, a positive aspect or what possibilities there are for change will ease the stress of any situation. Look for a new story in a new light. Use your imagination for a new story.

Discover a relaxation method that works for you:

Practicing a form of relaxation will greatly improve the quality of your life. Using your breath is free and easy. Breathe in 123, breathe out 123 continue that a few moments, use your breath to release anything you want to let go of. Imagine your stress leaving as you let go of your breath.

Live in the present moment:

When you feel stressful are you living in the past or the future? Practice asking yourself this question when you feel stressed. The present moment is the only moment we truly live in. Remind yourself right now is the most important moment.

Talk it out:

Are those you usually talk to, helping you to feel better? If the answer is No, choose someone who is neutral on the topic and is helpful in a positive solution. It is best to gain awareness and understanding about the things you feel stressed about so you can move forward. You will find many answers you seek are within you already; trust in yourself. Please contact me, I always have tools and solutions.

Be good to yourself: 

What you think and believe about you affects every area of your life. If you do not see enough value in yourself to care about yourself in a loving way it will cause you grief and affect your health. I trust you will seek answers.

We are meant to seek our truth. We are meant to be happy and live the best possible life. We are meant to be abundant. If you are feeling stress, you have the power to change it with a new solution.