Do you remember watching animated movies growing up? They were magical at the time, entertaining and fun. Most of us loved them and looked forward to watching. They sparked our imagination with possibilities of love, adventure, and friendship. There are hundreds of animated movies with many messages. All were created by a thought, a dream, and imagination.

One of your very own powerful tools is your natural ability to imagine? Do you remember using your imagination as a child? Today you still use your imagination and may not be aware of how you are using it.

When you imagine something positive, you are connecting with your personal creative higher and finer energies. Imagination is not bound by time, space, or our physical environment. When we are imagining, we can create a sense of joy, excitement, and creativity. This relaxes us and makes us even more magnetic to what we desire.

Be aware that you can also use your imagination to create fear or what you don’t want. Be aware that you are always imagining. The question is, where are you spending your time? When you catch yourself imagining or projecting into a future that you do not want, stop and start thinking about what you do want. Use your imagination as a powerful tool that it is.

Experiment with your Imagination

Spend 1-2 minutes as best you can, every day focused on something you want.

First, choose something, it can even be simple like butterflies (fun), a yellow car, $100.00 bill, just anything you can get comfortable with.

Get a clear vision of what it would look like, with sounds, smells, colors, sensations, use your senses. See yourself with it, use your emotions and bask in this visualization of your imagination.

Play this same thought each day for at least a 1- 2 minutes. Live this thought as real as you can get it in your imagination.

The subconscious does not know the difference between pretending and what is actually happening. It accepts whatever you pretend as real and will create it in your reality. What we focus on we create. Do the best you can. This is an experiment, a practice to see what will transform from it.

My first experience was with butterflies for 30 days! It was profound so I had to share it with you.